6-weeks (Trinidad 2019)

Week 1: Full body workout with focus on glutes and legs.

1. Mountain Climbers 

2. Mountain Climber Cross Overs 

3. Reverse Slide Lunge + Side Lunge

4. Single Leg Circle Rotations 

5. Pelvic Thrust Slides 

6. Alternating Push-up Up Lateral Slides

Do each exercise for 1 min.  Rest for 30 seconds & Repeat set 3-4 times.  This can be done with a small towel, paper towel, paper plate on a kitchen floor or basketball court.

Week 2 – Core & Waistline

1. Crunch Knee Tucks 

2. Sit Up/Knee Tuck/Russian Twist 

3. Supine Toe Touches 

4. Lateral Alternate Leg Lowers 

5. Weighted Sit Up / Underleg Clap

6. Weighted Knee Tucks 

7. Prone Slider Knee Tuck .

Complete for 20 reps each for 2-3 rounds total for a tight core workout!  5lb – 10lb weight recommended


Legs, Abs, & Glutes

1) Squat + Lateral Raise

2) Straight Leg Lateral Extensions + Kick Backs 

3) Straight Leg Prone Alternating Leg Extensions 

4) Straight Leg Lying Lateral Raises 

5) Lying Adductor Raises 

6) Lying Knee Tucks + Adductor Extensions 

7) In n Outs .

Complete each exercise for 1 min with 30 seconds rest in between for 3-4 rounds!!! .

*This routine can also be completed without resistance bands for a great workout and you’ll definitely still feel the burn. But for greater effectiveness and a greater challenge, ankle bands will take your workout to a whole new level!!! Your legs, Glutes and abdominals will definitely be ready for di road!!! 

Week 4- Agility Ladder 

1. Traveling Squat Jacks 

2. Traveling Switch Lunges 

3. Front In n Out Hops 

4. Lateral In n Out Hops 

5. Hand Walks w/ Mountain Climbers

These exercises can be done along a sidewalk or any open space. You you can use your imagination and make believe the ladder to complete these exercises.

Complete 10 reps forward and back of each for a total of 6-8 rounds of the 5 exercises.

Make sure to warm up 5 min jog and complete dynamic stretching prior to workout!

Week 5: Core, legs, full body. 

Side to Side Lateral Hops 

Straddle High Knees 

Cross Over Push Ups 

Front Hops + 180 squat hop 

Boat Rows 

Ins n Outs .

Complete each for 1 min straight for 3-4 rounds!

Week 6 

1. Side to Side In n Outs

2. Russian Twists (weighted)

3. Plank Up Downs 

4. Sit Ups (weighted) 

5. Plank + Bird Dog 

6. Star Jump + Weighted Ball Slam .

Complete 1 min of each with 30 seconds break for 3-4 rounds total. 

Use any type of weight for exercises 2 and 3 that’s approximately 5-10lb. 

It can be a gallon of water, a small back pack etc. 

For exercise 6, the weighted Ball Slam can me done with anything with a little weight to it that won’t burst. 

For example, I’ve used a securely sealed sack of rice before.