4-Week Yoga: Revive

This 6-week Road Ready Yoga series is focused reviving our minds and bodies and preparing for the year ahead.

Here is a quick yoga back workout to do if you are short on time or to add to the end of an existing workout routine to target the back:

  • Eagle Arms – wrap your right arm under and up over your left, lift your elbows an inch or two off the chest and hold (7 seconds), release arms and do right hand side
  • Downward Dog to plank. Start in downward dog and roll to a plank (5x)
  • Downward Dog push-ups (5x)
  • Upper body Twist – walk your feet in an inch or two and user your left hand to grab a hold above your right ankle (hold for 7 seconds) repeat on the other side, using your right hand **repeat routine again**

Week 2: Chair Pose

Here is a quick way to tone those arms and shoulders using a yoga move as the base (Chair Pose). You can use light dumbbells or 2 water bottles like i did in this video. Start off in Chair Pose and hold, don’t go too low because you will be there for a while.

  • Triceps Extension (5x)
  • Elevated Bicep Curls (5x)
  • Goal Post Variation (5x)
  • Single Arm Rows (5x each arm)
  • Shoulder Burnout (5x)

After this stand up and straight, shake it out and repeat

Week 3: ABs

Here is an ab routine that can be done by itself or added to any yoga routine start off on the right side:

  • Sunbird knee to elbow: 4 times and on last one hold for 10 seconds
  • Plank Holds: 10 seconds
  • Plank Knee to elbow: tap elbow and outside elbow = one move 4x.
  • Boat to Canoe: 4x
  • Single Leg lifts: 4x each leg
  • Knee to chest – unfold 4x repeat one more time to do other side

Week 4: Lower Body

Get that lower body ready for Carnival by adding this quick routine. Do each exercise 3 times each.

  • Runners stance to warrior 3
  • Tree pose in & outs
  • Half-split leg lift
  • High lunge toe tap
  • Goddess pulse squat
  • Goddess Heel Lifts

For an additional burn, hold heels up for 10 seconds and repeat on opposite leg.