4-week Yoga: Refresh

Week 1: Sunbird Bows. This routine works upper body and core so here are some poses to warm the body up for this beautiful pose, while building some heat in the body:

Cat/Cows (repeat 3-4 times)

Plank to knee to elbow twists. Start with right leg to left knee, right leg to right knee and right left to mid section (repeat 2x each leg)

Sunbird (3 each side)

Now for the full expression – start with the right leg up and extended, lower down to chin, arms hugged into sides (3 with right leg extended then do right leg)** bonus** for more of a challenge lift the knee that is on the floor a couple of inches.

Week 2: Tree Pose. Works your core, thighs and calves. Lets prep for Tree Pose:

  1. Heel Lifts (both legs 4-6x)
  2. Knee Lift (left leg 4-6x)
  3. Hip Opener (left leg 4x)
  4. Tree Pose – now it is time to test your stability. Start by holding in your core and being grounded in all four corners of your standing leg, keep your eye gaze fixed on something that is not moving. You can keep your hands in prayer pose or outstretched.
    1. Tree pose variation – kickstand right leg (by ankle)
    2. Tree pose variation – left leg rest on calf
    3. Full expression – take it all the way to the thigh.

Whether you are seasoned or beginner, give it a shot. We all struggle but we can build stability in our legs by trying this pose *repeat on opposite leg*

Week 3: Tiger Pose

Targets the spine, shoulders and Chest (Upper Body) To warm up for Tiger Pose we will be doing the following poses:

  • Cobra Pose – 4x (on the 4th one lift your hand off the floor and hold for 7-10 seconds)
  • Puppy Pose – Hold for 10-15 seconds
  • Thread the Needle – hold for 10-15 seconds
  • Tiger Pose – hold for 7 seconds

Repeat the whole sequence over again but this thread the needle and tiger pose should be done on the opposite side.

Week 4: Crow Pose uses multiple areas of the body, back, core, arms and wrists. Her are some yoga poses to warm up the body:

  • Boat/canoe (3-4x)
  • Plank/Downward Dog (3-4x)
  • Lizard Lunge (right side) – 3-4 breaths then switch to left side
  • Crow Pose – yogis choice on how long you hold and what variation.

*tips: look straight ahead, if you look down you will go down, hug your core arms and lower body.  Hands must be firmly planted on the ground, fingers spread wide.  Your aim is to get your knee behind the bicep.  Beginners don’t be discouraged as I too am learning.  I started with books or yoga blocks under my feet and as time went on they were not needed as I strengthened my core and upper body.