6-week Yoga: Rejuvenate

This 6-week Road Ready Yoga series is focused on strength and flexibility as we prepare for the carnival season.  This will help to rejuvenate our minds and bodies.    

week 1: ABS Elbow to knee touches (5 each side). Side arm/leg extension and hold (10-15 seconds each side) Transition to plank pose and twist from side to side (10x) Rest in childs pose and repeat routine over again (2x)

week 2: upper body start off in Chaturanga Dandasana and do 5 yogi pushups (keep elbows in). on the 5th pushup hold mid-rep for 5-6 breaths.  Continue to upward facing dog then downward facing dog.  From downward facing dog, transition low plank pose. Go from low plank to dolphin pose (5x).  Repeat routine 2 more times.  Great for arms, shoulders and upper back.  

week 3: Yoga Pilates Fusion Start by laying flat on your stomach lift upper and lower body at the same time for locust pose (5x).  Second move: Fire Hydrant.  Lift bent leg so that it is parallel with the side of your body and bring it down slowly (5x).  For an extra burn, let your knee get close to the floor but don’t rest it, lift the leg back up.  Third move: Toe Taps.  Extend your leg straight and tap it on the floor (2x) directly behind you and behind the outside of your opposite leg (5x). Last move – make sure the booty is activated with single leg pulses by just simply lifting your leg up and down in small pulses with your feet flexed (5x)  

week 4: Legs Start off at the top of your mat in a chair pose. Place hands at heart center and then pick your right foot up and place it just above your bent knee for a standing figure four.   Next place your foot by your side (more advanced yogis can skip this step).  Raise your right leg behind you (to hip height if you can) for Warrior 3.  Beginners keep a slight bend in the knee, experienced badassess straighten the left leg.  *balancing tip* focus your eyes on a fixed point in front of you and this will help the urge to topple over.  

week 5: Hips first move: 3 legged dog with bent knee.  Start off in Downward Dog, bend your right knee. Lift bent leg high so that your right foot is close to touching your left butt.  Next move: Lizard Pose.  Bring your right leg to the edge of your mat and bring left knee down (option to keep just your palms on the floor or come down to your forearms for a deeper stretch).  Third pose: Half-Split.  Move leg into the middle of your mat, fold over your right leg (keep left hip facing front) while flexing the right foot.  Fourth move: Low Lunge: bend right knee forward (careful not to let knee go over the toes), lift hand up into a slight back bend while pressing forward into the right foot.  Fifth pose: Pigeon Pose.  Move right foot to behind your left arm and fold it down so that your top leg is diagonal with the front of the mat (option to keep just your palms on the floor or come down to your forearms for a deeper stretch).  Sixth Pose: Happy Baby Pose.  Swing legs around and lay on your back, open your knees slightly wider than your torso, position your ankles directly over your knees and flex your heels and gently push your feet into your hands (option to use your peace fingers to hold your big toes or use your hands to hold the middle outer edge of foot).  Hold each pose for 3-5 breaths (repeat on left side).  

week 6: full body here is a flow that comprises some of the moves you have done already in the series along with a few new moves to work the whole body.  Hold each pose for 2-3 breaths. Moves are:

  1. Chair Pose with a twist (2x each side)
  1. forward fold
  1. Chaturanga Dandasana
  1. Upward facing dog to 3-legged dog
  1. 3 legged dog to Warrior 2
  1. Dancing Warrior to Eagle Arms
  1. Humble Warrior
  1. Triangle Pose (bent leg variation)