4-week Yoga: Stress Relief

Join Us for a 4-week Road Ready Yoga: Stress Relief sessions

Week 1: Meditation

Here is Meditation to start or end your day with gratitude. Find a quiet comfortable place in your home to sit, set your timer for 5 minutes (or longer if you wish) and close your eyes.

What are you grateful for?

Week 2: Upper Body Stretch

With this Quarantine we are sitting for long periods of time and we can start to experience discomfort in our upper body. Here are a few of my quick and easy go to’s to do first thing in the morning or when you need to stretch out your upper body. 

Week 3: Abs

Here are a few easy yoga ab moves that you can do in between binge watching your favorite series. Find a comfortable space and give it a shot.

  • Move #1– Hug your knees into your chest and slowly unfold (5 times)
  • Move #2-extend your right leg out and use your hand to bring your left knee in to chest(alternating on each side-5 times each leg)
  • Move #3-Bring your knees in, press your palms into your thighs and your thighs into your hands. The opposing force works your core as well as your arms (hold for 10-15 seconds)
  • Move #4-Keep the same shape of the legs and slowly windshield the legs to the left and right (5 on each side-10 total)
  • Move #6– Extend legs to the sky and bring your arms to meet your legs, slow and controlled (5 times)
  • BONUS MOVE-put your hands behind your head, straighten your legs and trace the following letters with your legs and feet together  N-Y-R-V-A-N-A

Week 4: Legs

Here is a fun and quick leg session that can be done while binge-watching your favorite show or at the end of a workout session for a leg burnout. These moves will help you build up your leg strength and balance.

  • Move #1 -Pyramid pose with prayer arms- (hold for 10 seconds then switch legs
  • Move #2-Chair Pose pulses-( 10 times)
  • Move #3– Alternating Heel lifts-(10 each leg)
  • Move #4- Heel lift hold (hold for 10-15 seconds)
  • Move #5– Front Leg extension (10 each side)
  • Move #6– Standing Pigeon Pose (hold for 10 seconds shake it out and do other leg)